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Crystal Thomas & Alexandra Chordas
Crystal Thomas and Alexandra Chordas, founders

The Extraordinary Businesswoman was founded by two successful businesswomen with a deep interest in personal and professional growth. Throughout our professional lives, we’ve been blown away by how much the inner work we do impacts our success—both in our businesses, and beyond.

We created the Extraordinary Businesswoman to share our knowledge and experience with other women as they, too, strive to be extraordinary.

This site is a place to meet with other like-minded women who recognize that the power to be an extraordinary businesswoman comes from within.

Whether you’re already in tune with that power, or still working to find it, our blog will provide ideas and tools to support you on your journey.

Crystal and Alexandra



On a global basis we actively and lovingly share the principle of “inner wealth creates outer wealth” for women in business.


Achieving higher level consciousness coupled with solid business practices to create infinite manifestation for women in business.


Crystal Thomas

Crystal ThomasAfter managing private clubs for 30 years in Canada and the United States, Crystal founded Crystal Clear Concepts to drive the success of management and hospitality professionals across North America.

Crystal’s approach works to align the wisdom of the head with the intuition of the heart, thereby attuning her clients to the incredible opportunities for success that everywhere surround us.

With a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and decades of successful team leadership experience, Crystal’s unique blend of tried-and-true techniques and cutting-edge management practices continue to set new standards in the coaching industry.

Some of Crystal’s most notable accomplishments include…

  • Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica
  • One of only 20 people worldwide to have earned the Master Club Manager Designation—the highest designation offered by the Club Managers Association of America
  • Founder of Crystal Clear Concepts
  • Managing Director for two private club associations
  • Twice noted among BoardRoom Magazine’s list of Influential Women in the Club Industry
  • Author of the award-winning book “Business with a Heart”
  • Performance coach for Executives

Through the Extraordinary Businesswoman, Crystal works to support, inspire, and mentor a network of dynamic, professional women as they strive to achieve their business goals. She invites you to join us as we celebrate the extraordinary within you.


Alexandra Chordas

Alexandra ChordasAfter working in a private university club for 22 years, 8 of which she was the General Manager, Alexandra chose to become an entrepreneur.

In 2012 Alexandra started her own company, Chordas Consulting, and moved to LA to work with Crystal.  She manages over 40 corporate partners for a private association, and supports Crystal with education, training, and coaching in the private club industry. She also maintains her own coaching practice for individuals.

Alexandra’s Background includes:

  • Graduated from the Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology in 2013 from the University of Santa Monica
  • Completed an additional year-long program in Consciousness, Health and Healing in 2016 at the University of Santa Monica
  • Served on Board of Directors of a private club industry related association
  • Authored articles for a private club industry related publication
  • Completed program in Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono, an updated Hawaiian problem solving process

As co-founder of the Extraordinary Businesswoman, Alexandra works to fulfill her calling to share her business leadership experience and enthusiasm for inner growth with other women around the world.