3 Ways Authentic Connection Drives Success in Business

3 Ways Authentic Connection Drives Success in Business

“I define connection as the energy between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they give and receive without judgement; when they derive sustenance and strength from relationship.” —Dr. Brene Brown

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living—it’s authentic connection that gets the goods.

You might think that success in business is about having a great product, awesome marketing, or fantastic leadership skills. And while it’s true that those things help, the number one factor in success comes down to your ability to forge authentic connections with others.

In fact, authentically connecting with others positively impacts the work you do in every possible way. You become a better leader, and communication with your team, colleagues, and clients improves. The results are immensely gratifying.

But that raises the question—what does authentic connection really look like?

Some of the major factors include:

  • Being present in the moment with whomever you’re with
  • Listening with your full attention
  • Maintaining honesty and openness in your sharing
  • And being yourself, even when it means being vulnerable

The good news is, once you’ve decided that you want authentic connection in your relationships, you’ll notice it happens quite naturally.

That’s why today we’re looking at three powerful ways authentic connection benefits your business.

1. Authentic Connection Creates Opportunities

When we authentically connect with others, people feel it and are more likely to offer new opportunities for collaborating and helping us achieve success.

Imagine being in a brainstorming session where everyone is open and connected with a common goal in mind. It’s pretty amazing!

When we’re connected, ideas flow with ease. Barriers come down, and participants feel the power of working as one. Trust develops, and that energy brings inspiration and yields great results.

2. Change Happens with Greater Ease

Another powerful result of authentic connection is that it facilitates positive change. When you’re growing your business, it’s important to know what you want to achieve. But just as important is how you convey the message of what you want.

Taking the time to explain, listen, and receive feedback will go a long way in getting your team behind you. When people feel like they’re part of the conversation, they begin to share your passion and become more supportive. Changes become easier to carry out.

Changes we choose to make in our lives often come from connection with others. I remember deciding to move to Southern California to start a new career with my business partner. The impetus for me was the authentic connection I felt with her. And it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

3. More Efficiency All Around

Practicing authentic connection in your business supports efficiency because there’s less time spent on misunderstanding. It’s easier to get to the heart of the matter. When people truly connect, they become more willing to be a part of the solution, instead of magnifying the problem through resistance and drama.

When a team can authentically connect at work, communication is easier, and they are more likely to feel commitment to the organization.

Ultimately, authentic connection is good for us. It opens our hearts to others, and encourages them to do the same. Our lives and work are more enriched.

And the best part of all?

Unlike other skills we’ve learned, it’s easy to use because it’s within us. We all have the ability to access our authenticity, allowing it to be a key driver in our success.

What are some moments of authentic connection you’ve experienced in your business? Please share in the comments.

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