How to Cultivate the Mindset for Self-Discipline

How to Cultivate the Mindset for Self Discipline

“With self-discipline most anything is possible.” —Theodore Roosevelt

Cultivating the mindset of self-discipline is key to creating outcomes, both in your business and in your life. No matter what you want to achieve, self-discipline moves you forward and supports you in getting things done.

Yet even with the best intentions, life happens, and it’s easy to get distracted. Before you know it, days can go by and what you committed yourself to didn’t materialize. Often this is where self-judgment creeps in, undermining your efforts even more.

Today’s post is about the mindset for self-discipline and how to incorporate it in into your daily life.

Self-Discipline and Commitment

Self-discipline is partially habit, but it’s also a commitment to yourself to spend time on something specific—no matter what.

You may be passionate about a project you’re working on, a book you’re writing, or even the new fitness program you’ve begun. Whatever it is, it’s the commitment that you make to yourself that leads to self-discipline. And yet, these commitments are often the most challenging to keep, although they have the greatest potential to make a difference in your life.

Honoring the commitments you make to yourself builds self-trust and confidence, making it easier to reach within for the strength it takes to meet your desired outcomes.

Let Go of Self-Judgment

Once you’ve decided what you want to do and what it takes, make a commitment to yourself and use your inner strength to set the stage for achieving what you want.

Be honest about what it will take and what you are willing to do.

But, here’s the rub. We often start out fine and along the way we get distracted for whatever reason. In that instant, our self-discipline comes to a halt. At first, we rationalize why we haven’t stuck to our commitment, but before long, we begin judging ourselves and focusing on all the things we didn’t do. In other words, we begin to judge ourselves for our lack of self-discipline.

The truth is, viewing yourself as “wrong” will only perpetuate not meeting your commitment to yourself. When things don’t go as planned, don’t dwell on it. Acknowledge where you are and begin again. This is the key.  In this way you are focusing on your practice of self-discipline rather than judging yourself.

Practical Steps for Creating the Mindset of Self-Discipline

Make a Plan

Set aside the time that you want to spend on any given thing. Determine what’s doable and effective.

If you’ve introduced a new exercise program into your life, you may decide that walking 30 minutes every morning is what works, or if you’re beginning a new project with lots of moving parts, you may decide that you are going to spend three hours a day on it.

Whatever it is, make it a commitment that you can keep.

Be Clear on your “Why”

It’s so easy to forget that the self-discipline you put into place is for you.

It supports you in achieving you desires and goals. It tells the universe that you’re worthy of all you wish to be and achieve, because you are willing to do what it takes.

Everything Counts

Recognize that achieving the end result usually requires many small steps, patience, and work.

Self-discipline is the mindset that gets you there. If you set aside 30 minutes for exercise and you only do it for 20 minutes, it’s OK. Know that tomorrow you’ll do 30 minutes and stop worrying about it. Every time you practice self-discipline, you are strengthening the habit for getting things done.

Be Accountable to Someone other than Yourself

Ask a friend, partner, or colleague to be your accountability buddy. Something about sharing really makes a difference. It might even be as simple as checking in regularly to say, “I worked on my project for 3 hours every day this week.” Having someone to encourage you and share your successes keeps you accountable, and it helps you recognize that you are on track.

That’s it! Being self-disciplined is an act of being loving and committed to yourself. With this mindset, you’ll create what it takes to achieve your desired outcomes.

We’d love to hear your strategies on being self-disciplined. Please share in the comments.

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