How to Reframe Issues to Boost Your Problem Solving

How to Reframe Issues to Boost Your Problem Solving

“To be thrown upon one’s own resources is to be cast into the very lap of fortune, for our faculties then undergo a development and display of which they were previously insusceptible.” —Mark Twain

You’ve probably heard the saying “count your blessings,” and it’s great to do so. But what I’ve come to see is that issue resolution and forward movement in your business and in your life comes from not only counting blessings, but from reframing issues into blessings.

The truth is, things don’t always go as planned, and often when a problem comes up we’re busy and moving too fast. We feel inconvenienced and upset at having to deal with it. We see difficult situations as negative things to be avoided.

But, you know what? Everything is truly for us, even the issues and problems that arise.

Here’s an example.

I’ve been reviewing my career. In many ways I’ve created things I’d never imagined, and in other ways I thought I’d be “further along”  in certain areas. What I realized is that I’ve been holding this as an “issue.” Yet when I look back at my journey, everything makes sense, even the things that I viewed as challenging. Seeing the blessings in all creates the opening for new movement, new thought, and new ideas. I am exactly where I want to be.

The most amazing thing is we all have the power to shift how we see things, and this in turn shapes our reality. Here’s how reframing issues into blessings can shift your perspective and move you toward creating more of what you want.

The Real Issue

Mary and Ron Hulnick, from the University of Santa Monica, teach that, “How you deal with the issue IS the issue, or how you relate to yourself while you go through the issue IS the issue.” When you see this, you realize that how you perceive things creates your reality. You get to choose how you relate to all that’s happening.

The same goes for seeing the blessings in your life. Shifting from seeing an issue as a gigantic problem to seeing it there for your growth and forward movement changes your perspective. The key is allowing for your feelings when you’re upset—avoiding blaming and judging. From there, viewing things differently isn’t such a stretch.

What is the blessing behind the issue?

Have a learning orientation to all that comes, and remember that there is always something for you in what you’re experiencing.

Increasing Productivity and Resourcefulness

When you start noticing blessings in even the most trying situations, you’ll see your perspective shift. You may feel upset or triggered, but you’ll begin to recognize that you get to choose how you relate to what’s happening. Often issues are neutral in and of themselves.

Reframing issues into blessings opens up all kinds of new ways of expansion, creativity, and resourcefulness. Initiative and empowerment naturally follow. Less time is spent in negative thinking about what’s wrong. Opportunities appear, and problem solving comes naturally. This is one of the blessings of shifting how you view issues.

Reframimg Issues means Cultivating Gratitude

The Extraordinary Businesswoman is all about cultivating gratitude in business because we believe when you feel gratitude, life flows, you flourish, and this shows up in everything you do.

When you reframe issues into blessings, gratitude is the result. It stops being about the issue. You’ll begin to recognize the blessings beyond the upset or the problem, opening up possibility for fresh ideas. Issues won’t trigger you in the same way.

So, next time you count your blessings, know that you are the one with the power to see blessings everywhere, even in the issues that arise. Make looking for them part of your journey—they’re there for you to learn from. Each one is an opportunity to grow. You’ll be amazed at the difference in makes in your business and beyond.

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