10 Amazing Things I Learned from a Day of Silence

10 Amazing Things I Learned from a Day of Silence

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear”.   —Baba Ram Dass

On January 1st, I decided to greet the New Year in a totally new way—a day of silence.

No electronics, no phone, no TV, no books, and—wait for it—NO TALKING. Just a day to focus inward on my intentions for 2017.

Was it difficult to be inwardly focused AND silent for 24 hours?

Actually, it was a lot easier than you might think. And it’s a great way to reconnect with what you really want for yourself and your business not just for the new year, but all year round. Check it out!

What I Learned from My Day of Silence

1.Plan Ahead

Planning your day of silence to minimize distractions is crucial. Let your family and friends know in advance that you’ll be off the grid to ensure that you aren’t interrupted.

2. Do Without Doing

Going into a day of silence isn’t about doing stuff, although I learned that creating structure makes the everything flow easier. Things like having prepared food on hand will free you up from “doing ,“ and give you more time to just be with yourself.

3. Expect the Unexpected

You know, I never thought of this but I have a cat named Sal who I talk with all the time. He didn’t get what I was doing, and over compensated for my silence by meowing incessantly. I learned to communicate with Sal without talking, through touch and being intuitive to what he needed. When I got really still, he would too—or he’d lose interest and move on to other things. Cats will be cats, after all.

4. Connect with Nature

If you can spend time away from your usual environment, say by going for a walk on the beach or taking a hike in the mountains, do it. That way it’s even easier to avoid distractions. Plus there’s the benefit of being out in nature—talk about a win-win!

5. Focus Your Body

Do whatever brings your mind, body, and soul into alignment. I did some Yoga—a perfect match for my day of silence.

6. Quiet Your Mind

Of all the things that I did to quiet my mind, meditation was the most direct. Take the time to close your eyes, sit still, and go within. If you haven’t meditated much, consider a guided meditation.


When ‘monkey mind’ starts up (the ego-based chatter that seems to have tons to say, both positive and negative) don’t engage with it. Let the thoughts come and go.

8. The Beauty of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being quiet within and paying attention to what is present. As my day progressed, each moment became more mindful. There’s remarkable beauty in being present with each moment as it unfolds.

9. Connect with Your True Self

Spending a day in silence quiets the mind, allowing you to connect with your true Self, and see the steps needed to create what you want for your business.

10. Connect with the Universe

The Biggest takeaway for me was the deep connection I felt with myself and the Universe.

Sounds funny, but so much of our days are spent in “doing,” not in “being.” Especially as women in business. Checking in with yourself through silence harmonizes your connection to the universe, providing deeper clarity on what you want to achieve.

In my case I got direction for an online course we’re building for the Extraordinary Businesswoman (yes you heard that right—stay tuned for details!). Whatever you need to figure out for your life or your business, quieting your mind will guide you to the answers you seek.

Have you ever done a day of silence? Please share what your experience was?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Alex! I’m still not sure I could actually pull off an entire day of silence, but reading this makes me see why it might be a nurturing thing to do. Food for thought!

    1. I had some trepidation before doing my day of silence, but honestly it was easy and felt great to slow down and focus on me. It went by fast. If a day seems too much, try a couple of hours. There are no rules, it’s all there for us.

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