5 Tips That Will Help You Hire the Right Person

5 Tips That Will Help You Hire the Right Person

“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity. What do you think is the most important factor when building your team? For us, it’s personality.” —Richard Branson

How much time do you spend interviewing, hiring, and training people for your business?

Hiring the right person isn’t always easy.

Meeting someone for an hour or two and determining if they have the skills you need, have the right attitude, and fit in with your culture is a lot to assess. That’s why it’s important to be clear on what you’re looking for and to know what’s not negotiable for you.

In this post we’re sharing 5 tips that will get the best results when you’re looking for new employees, regardless of the position.

Be Clear On What You’re Hiring For

A successful hiring process starts well before the first interview. Here’s a basic prep list.

  • Know what you’re looking for, regardless of the position
  • Make sure you have a job description so you can match the skills you need with the interviewee
  • Keep the job description current and use it as a guideline when you’re in your interview
  • Create a checklist that aligns with your job description to make it easy for you to check off what each potential candidate is qualified for (this is very helpful when you’re interviewing multiple candidates)

Beyond that, be clear on the skills that are non-negotiable. If you need someone to type 75 words a minute, then don’t hire someone who types 30. And if you do, be clear that there will be a greater learning curve.

Lastly, be honest about the job you’re hiring for. The clearer you are about the job and the culture of your business, the easier it will be to attract the right fit.

Take Time with Your Interviews

By the time you get to the interview process, you’ve already seen a resume and/or an application. The interview is your opportunity to assess if the person does indeed have the skills you’re looking for and if they would be a good fit. Be thoughtful about your questions and have a list ready so that you can get a feel for the person you’re talking with. The questions you ask should help you determine if the candidate is genuinely interested in working with your company or business. Does the job you’re hiring for fit with their goals and dreams?

Ask open-ended questions that give you some insight about the person. Here’s an example:

Tell me about a time you couldn’t keep a commitment. How did you handle it?

The key is to look beyond their resume. Really listen. Notice their body language, the content of what they’re sharing, and the tone.

If there are others on your team that are in leadership roles, have them interview the person you are interested in hiring. In my time as a General Manager, some of the best hires I made were the ones where mid-level management also had an opportunity to interview the candidate and share their perspective.

Test Each Potential Hire

If you are hiring for skills that require, typing, bookkeeping, or anything that you can test, do so. It’ll save you time in the long run and it will give you an idea of how proficient the applicant is in the concrete skills you are looking for.

It’s also another opportunity to interact and assess how the person you’re interviewing handles this kind of situation. Not every one tests well, but either way it opens the door for conversation.

Fitting in with Your Culture

Be clear on the culture in your work place. Can you see them working in your business? Will the candidate be able to stand by your core values?

Ask the candidate what their perfect work environment is and see how close it matches. If your company works long hours and weekends when a project is due, you don’t want to hire someone who wants set hours and weekends off.

The thing is, someone can have great skills and not be a good fit. Or someone can have basic skills, have a great attitude and seem to be a perfect fit. Ultimately, you decide on the important factors and what works for your business.

Trust Your Intuition

As you go through all the steps, get a feel for the person you’re interviewing, trust your intuition. Your inner knowing won’t steer you wrong. Most of all, don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Hiring the right person may take time, but it’s worth putting in the effort as turnover costs money and takes even more time in the long run. Do your due diligence and get clear on what skills you’re looking for. Know how much you’re willing to train. Know the culture of your work place and hire people who truly want to be a part of your team.

We’d love to hear about your own tips for hiring.

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