5 Ways to Complete Things and Create More Flow in Your Life

5 Ways to Complete Things and Create More Flow in Your Life

“A thing is complete when you can let it be.” —Gita Bellin

Life is full of cycles of completing things and starting anew. We’re all busy, and sometimes it feels as though our ‘To Do’ lists just keep getting longer and longer. Yet when we do finish something we’ve been working on, complete a project, or let go of something we’ve been carrying around inside, it feels good. Completion frees up space for flow, new ideas, and new opportunities.

Over the years I’ve learned I’m at my happiest when I’m present with what I’m doing rather than worrying about what needs to get done. For me, a big part of being present and living in my flow involves completing what I start whenever possible. It isn’t always easy, but being aware and knowing  when I’ve truly finished something helps.

In today’s post we’re sharing 5 ways (both inner and outer) to complete things and create more flow in your life.

1. Complete Things from Within

First off, assess what you want to complete. What takes up space energetically that you want to let go of? What things have you been meaning to complete that have been on your list for a long time?

These may require “doing” something, or they may be old patterns or thoughts that you’re ready to let go of.

Take the time to reflect on what’s taking up space in your thoughts, or your ‘To Do’ list. Ask yourself which ones require action and which require letting go. Sometimes it’s as simple as recognizing how we feel about an experience and deciding to let it be, knowing it’s our thoughts that keep us chewing on it, like a dog with a bone.

Remember that there is no right or wrong—you decide what you want to compete.

2. Open the Way for New Things

Completing things opens the way for movement and new things. When we’re complete with something, it’s easy to move on, allowing for flow and creativity.

Forgive any judgments you’ve held about what you’ve done or haven’t. Sometimes the judgments we hold against ourselves (or others) keep us stuck. So without judging, decide what you are ready to complete and do so. If there is any self-recrimination, hurt, resentment etc., forgive yourself and everyone involved.

3. Things are Complete When You Say They Are

Sometimes we have it in our mind that we have to get something done no matter what. But the thing is, our vision of what ‘complete’ looks like may no longer hold true. In fact, it may be complete as is. All you have to do is call it done and let it go.

If you’ve been talking about completing something for a long time without any movement, it’s time to let it go our move it to your active ‘To Do’ list. These can be little things or larger projects, either way they take up space energetically.

The awesome thing is that It’s OK to declare something complete and let it go. I’m not advocating calling things done that require attention, or giving up on a long-held dream, but I am saying that we often hold things for years because we think they’re unfinished. So it’s really about checking in with yourself to see if you’re complete with something or not.

4. Choose Lightheartedness

When you’ve identified the things that are important to you, make a commitment to yourself, and schedule getting them done. Things like cleaning out the closet, sorting and filing the papers that have piling up for weeks (ahem—or months), making phone calls you’ve been putting off, or anything else that you’ve put aside to deal with ‘at a later time.’ Whatever it is, know that you can get it done.

The truth is, completing things feels good, so decide to enjoy the process. If something feels too big to tackle all at once, break it down into chunks. You’ll find that as you go, you’ll gain momentum. Often, the time we spend thinking about what we need to do takes more energy than actually doing it.

5. Take Care of You

Completing things is also a form of taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally.

On the physical level, if you’ve been meaning to meet with your Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor—do it. Put your self-care on your completion list. You’ll feel great as each thing gets done, which in turn will free up time for the things you want to do.

Our lives are full of cycles of completion. Things often pile up because we’re busy, yet when we complete the things that matter to us and letting go of the rest, it’s easier to be present in the flow of our lives.

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