How to Access Your Inner Knowing and Get Unstuck

 How to Access Your Inner Knowing and Get Unstuck

“Clarity is momentum that has no resistance in it.” —Abraham Hicks

Even when you know the direction you want to go in, getting clear on the next steps for your business can feel like walking down a path shrouded in fog. Especially when we have other work to do.

The funny thing is, sometimes we overthink things and feel we must have everything figured out before we get started, and that keeps things undefined and unclear.

Clarity is knowing what you want to go for, but not necessarily knowing each step. It’s trusting that what you need will appear, and that the path shrouded in fog will become illuminated as you go.

Today we’re sharing some practical ways to access the clarity within and reveal the next steps for your business.

Get Quiet

One of best ways to reach clarity about what your next steps are is to spend some time letting your thoughts settle down so that you can hear beyond your inner chatter. Often we get stuck in thinking about something one way and  we don’t have time to really see what the possibilities are.

That’s why taking the time to sit quietly and let your thoughts go is important. See what comes up. Notice the inner nudges that point you in a certain direction. Pay attention to your inclination as that will show you your next steps.

The truth is, quieting your mind, put’s you in the present moment, nurtures you, and is really a form of self-care. It gives you the space to inquire within. It’s letting the thoughts come and go without attaching to them. Go for a walk, meditate, sit quietly, whatever works for you. It allows your busy mind to quiet down and opens the way for next steps to reveal themselves.

Let Go of Preconceptions

Be open to all possibilities. Let go of perceived limitations and restrictions.

Have you ever thought that you had to have it all figured out in order to move forward?

When you think about it, there are infinite ways of creating, manifesting, and moving towards your goals. You don’t have to know the “how’s” of it all.

Be willing to go in the direction of what you want, with an open mind and heart — and without knowing all the steps. When you do that, ways you may have never thought of appear and as long as your willing to take the step right in front of you, the next step will always show up. From this place, it’s easier to make a plan.

Take Action

Let’s face it, all the clarity in the world won’t get you where you’re going unless you take action.

And when you do, you’ll find that the Universe responds and the next steps naturally appear.

As you go, be willing to engage with with what’s in front of you and be willing to learn. Talk to others who have done something similar. Get feedback. The purpose is to create momentum. You may know what’s next, but not how to break it down and get started. Often when we share with others, we get inspired and ideas flow.

As the fog lifts, lay it out. Create a plan with a timeline, even if it’s only for the first steps. As you go, the next steps will appear. Make a commitment to yourself and follow through.

And, If you still feel stuck, take a look at where that’s coming from. One way is to do that, is to write it out.

Free Form Writing

When I studied Spiritual Psychology, we practiced a method for clearing out old stuff called Free Form Writing. Free Form Writing is sitting down in a quiet place when you have some time and privacy and writing whatever comes forth. The point here isn’t to figure anything out on paper, but rather to let your stream of consciousness do the work. It doesn’t matter what comes out or how. It doesn’t matter if it’s messy or illegible. The point is to write it all out and let it go. The thing is to have no judgment around it.

This method helps clear anything that may be stuck in your consciousness. It allows you to get anything that comes up out on paper, rather than having it camp out in your subconscious.

Do this exercise when you have time and privacy. The purpose here isn’t necessarily to come away with knowing your next steps, but rather to have energetically cleared out any inner stuckness.

Write till there’s nothing to write. Don’t read what you wrote. Dispose of it, burn it, shred it. You don’t want to read it and take it all in again. Doing this will support you in getting clear simply by taking time to write, without censorship, what you’re holding within. You’ll be surprised at what may come forward, but don’t attach to it. The purpose is to let it go.

Trust Your Inner Knowing

Growing your business, starting something new, or fleshing out a new plan requires trusting your inner knowing. We all have inner knowing. If you slow down enough to listen, it’s there for you. It’s about trusting that your inner compass won’t steer you wrong, even if all the details aren’t obvious.

Tapping into your inner knowing can be a loud and clear message on what’s next, or a gentle nudge that points you in the right direction. Whatever it is, as you follow your inner prompt, you’ll find that clarity appears and the next steps come naturally.

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