How to Actually Believe Your Dream and Boost Your Business

How to Actually Believe Your Dream and Boost Your Business

“Dare to dream! If you did not have the capability to make your wildest wishes come true, your mind would not have the capacity to conjure such ideas in the first place. There is no limitation on what you can potentially achieve, except for the limitation you choose to impose on your own imagination. What you believe to be possible will always come to pass – to the extent that you deem it possible. It really is as simple as that.”
― Anthon St. Maarten

It may seem counterintuitive in the competitive business world, but living your dream is part of being successful.

In fact, defining your dream or revisiting it can work wonders to propel your business forward.

But whether it’s leading your company as its CEO, shining as the chef at your own 5 star restaurant, or creating a foundation that takes on world hunger—you’re the only one who can make it happen.

However, having a dream and believing that you can achieve it aren’t the same thing.

Whose Dream are You Living?

Through the process of living, we often become the person that others want us to be. We’re taught to go to school, get a degree, and get a job that buys the stuff we think will make us happy.

In truth, the dreams we hold for ourselves run deeper than that.

At their core, our dreams are expressions of our calling. When we follow them, we find contentment, happiness, and fulfillment.

And when we don’t, the opposite is true.

That’s why it’s crucial to turn inward and really listen to what our dreams are, and not confuse them with what others expect of us.

Our dreams always nurture us at the deepest level, and when the work we do connects to our dreams, amazing things happen. As a result, our work becomes an extension of our vision, and the universe responds in miraculous ways.

So take the time. Define your dreams and how they relate to your work. Align your dreams with your vision, your goals, and your actions.

You’ll be amazed at the results.

How to Believe in Your Dream

Here’s some quick tips.

  1. Set aside time to go within and listen deeply.
  2. Trust your intuition—the answers to your questions will show you the way.
  3. Write down your dreams and aspirations. Doing so reinforces your intentions.
  4. See in what aspects of your life you’re living your dream now, and acknowledge that you are on the right path.
  5. Visualize every aspect of your dream—right down to the balloons and confetti!
  6. Create a plan that breaks your dream into smaller, achievable steps. Even if they’re baby steps.
  7. Stay with it. Revisit your dream often to visualize its completion and fine tune the steps needed to achieve it.
  8. Believe in your dream. But, most of all, believe in yourself! And know that you’re worthy of your dream.

We all have it in us!  Whether you’re already living your dream or working toward it—keep it alive.

As you do, doors will open in unexpected ways.

What are some things you are doing to help make your dream a reality? Please share your experience!

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