How to Create the Mindset to Achieve Your Goals

How to Create the Mindset to Achieve Your Goals

“Only as high as I reach can I grow; only as far as I seek can I go; only as deep as I look can I see; only as much as I dream can I be.” —Karen Ravn

One of the best ways to achieve your goals is to create a mindset that keeps you in the game until the finish line. Knowing you can achieve your goals, and putting into place the things that will support that mindset, can fast forward your results and keep your goals on track.

Here’s an example of how your mindset can drive you toward your goals. Over the last few months, I’ve been working with a client who was looking for a new job. Not just any job, but a job that would be fun, interesting, and a great career move. Last week he accepted a position that fit’s all his criteria. And you know what? His mindset saw him through the process.

At one point he turned down a job that a part of him felt he should take. But when he checked in with himself, he was clear that although the job offer was an opportunity, it wasn’t the one he was looking for. He held out for what his inner knowing was telling him. At one point he even got an offer for a job he thought he wanted. Yet there were many delays, and ultimately the person that made the offer left the company. Things were put on indefinite hold. It was easy for him to feel discouraged, but my client went back to his intention, picked himself up, and got back in the game.

Halfway through he process, he decided to do a volunteer internship at a company he was interested in. Although there was no money coming, his intuition told him to do it. They ended up offering him a paid research position on a project. The finny thing is, the project ended up completing just as his new job started. In the end, all of the things he did created the mindset of knowing the perfect job would show up.

Today’s post shows how to cultivate the mindset of knowing you can achieve your goals, and highlights some of the things that will support you in the process.

Be Clear

Getting clear on your goal and the outcome you want is essential. Envision your goal as complete and be willing to take the action required. That means be aligned with your true self so that the commitment you make to follow through is one you’ll keep.

To get clear on your goal, get quiet and listen to your inner knowing. Spend time visualizing the outcome you want, or even create a mind map of your goal with all the things it would take to accomplish. The point is to take the time to be clear on what you want to achieve.

Set Intention

In our post a couple of week’s ago we revisited the power of setting intention. When you set intention, you’re taking your goal and declaring exactly what you want to happen. Setting intention is a way to let the universe know you mean business. Opportunities appear, people you should meet show up, and next steps emerge.

Setting intention is a way to set your compass for the direction you want to go.

Let Discouragement Go

When you get discouraged, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking things like, “What if this doesn’t work out? What if I fail? What if I don’t do it right?”

If you feel discouraged, remember it’s only your thoughts that make you feel that way. It’s easy to get caught up in them. But if you simply notice them and let them come up without engaging, they will pass. That’s the nature of thought.

Understanding that feeling discouraged will pass makes it easier to be okay with where you are in the moment.

Follow Your Intuition

Listen to your intuition about things that show up in relation to your goal. You may not see how something is relevant when you get a “hit” to do something, but the truth is that your intuition will support you in fulfilling your goals. So pay attention to that inner nudge when you get it.

Show Up and Engage

Deciding that you’re going to do whatever it takes to meet your goals means showing up and engaging. New thoughts and ideas surface when you’re open and connected in the moment to what you are working on. Sometimes it means being uncomfortable and doing things anyway. That stretch will often lead to more opportunity, allowing things to fall into place.

When you engage, stuff happens. You make connections that weren’t there before, you get things done, you build momentum, and your goals manifest.

Know You Can

When creating your goals, focus your mindset on getting clear, set intention, let feelings of discouragement pass, let your intuition shine through, and engage in all the steps that show up. You’ll be surprised at the ease in which you navigate bumps in the road.

More than anything, knowing you have everything you need within you will help you achieve your goals.

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