How to Create What You Want in the New Year

How to Create What You Want in the New Year

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Alright, it’s New Year’s resolution time again.

Whether you’re someone who makes resolutions or not, we all have things we want to create, and the new year always feels like a fresh page. Yet even when we’re committed and start off strong, resolutions often fall to the wayside. And it’s not because we don’t mean them.

The truth is, resolutions tend to be outside of us. They involve taking action to make something happen. And they’re usually focused on something we consider to be challenging, or feel we have to change about ourselves.

What if instead of stating a list of resolutions that focus on what we need to do, we start with a the premise that where we are is perfect? In other words, treating our resolutions as a continuum, knowing we can create new and wonderful things in our lives. In this way, the focus is on possibility rather than the limitations we impose on ourselves when we think about “what we need to do to get what we want.”

Today, let’s look at tips for successfully creating what you want in the New Year—whether you’re into resolutions, or not.

Love Where You Are Now

Often we’re waiting for things to be better, and the resolutions we make reflect this.

I have a dear friend who’s in her 70’s. Although she’s a retired psychotherapist, she still sees clients, and is more involved in life than most people I know. She says, “It’s loving what is, not what you think you want” that makes life wonderful.

To me, this means being “in the now,” and engaging with life as it unfolds. Being present with wherever you are will open the way for flow in your life. Loving where you are now is a great place to be when thinking about what you want to create in the coming year. Your ideas about what you want to see happen will come from abundance. Because when you think about it, the idea that you need to “fix” something comes from a mentality of scarcity—it’s a reaction to feeling like you’re “not enough.”

Loving where you are now will make it easier to see the steps that will get you where you want to go, and the journey will unfold with much more ease and grace.

What You Want is Not Outside of You

Along the same lines, remember that you have everything you need within you to accomplish what you want.

Robert Holden, author of Shift Happens, writes, “We are what we seek.” This means that whatever you’re hoping “to get” when you achieve your resolutions is already within you. The more you tap into your inner self, the more your resolutions will align with who truly you are, rather than with what you think others expect of you.

Be Open to Possibilities

Here’s the thing—when you’re present in the now, possibilities that may have never occurred to you show up. Be open to new ideas about what you wish to create. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not sticking to the exact plan that you laid out for yourself. After all, many paths can lead you where you want to go, so don’t sweat it.

Don’t limit yourself to thinking things need to happen a certain way. Be open and present, and keep checking in with yourself. You’ll be surprised at how effortlessly your resolutions manifest.

Take Action

Coming from the understanding that where you are right now is the perfect place to be to create what you want will reveal the steps that you should take. Taking action can be effortless. So, make your “to do list,” create a plan, and take the first steps to whatever you wish to achieve. Know that the action steps will appear, and that you don’t have to know every step it takes to meet your desired outcome.

Be present and love where you are now, knowing that from this place you can create whatever you want. Approach your dreams from within, and be clear on what aligns with your truest self. You can always tell if you’re on the right track because it makes you feel good. And as you lean into the possibilities that show up, know that what you need will appear. Be open to receiving, and the new year is bound to be a great one.

What are ways that you approach the new year in creating what you want?

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