How to Make Peace with Your Inner Critic

How to Make Peace with Your Inner Critic

“If you gave your inner genius as much credence as your inner critic, you would be light years ahead of where you now stand.” —Alan Cohen

Most everyone I know has experienced their inner critic at one time or another. That voice that pretends to “know it all” and lists all the reasons you can’t do something, or tells you what’s wrong with what you’re doing. It’s the voice that taps into insecurities and old beliefs based on past experience and perceptions.

But, what if you could make peace with your inner critic?

The truth is that your inner critic doesn’t really have any power unless you cultivate the relationship and buy into what it’s telling you. You can always tell when it’s present because the voice is judgmental, and will hold you back in your business (and your life).

Today we’re sharing some ways to make peace with your inner critic so you can tune into your true potential and move forward when your own self-judgement holds you back.

You Are Not Your Inner Critic

This is the truth. So next time that voice starts up, remember it’s only thoughts. If you don’t engage, it’ll quiet down if not disappear completely.

For example, my inner critic used to govern what I would or wouldn’t do, especially in regard to social engagements. I’d listen to it tell me things like, “I don’t know what to say,” “this is so hard,” “I am too shy,” etc.

This made it very difficult to get out and network, meet people, or simply just have fun.

My inner critic was always judging how I was doing, and buying into those judgments chipped away at my self-confidence. Once I recognized that I didn’t have to listen to or believe those thoughts, I started seeing that I did just fine without them.

Is It True?

Ask yourself if what your inner critic is telling you is true. And I mean really true. Be honest, and you’ll find that there’s always evidence that points in the direction of it being wrong. And once you recognize that what you’re buying into isn’t even true, it’s easier to dismiss that inner voice.

The truth is we all have examples of when we are enough, worthy, and able, every single day. So when that voice chimes in, don’t engage. Instead, focus on knowing you have everything within to meet whatever challenge comes forward.

Positively affirm what you are doing and what you want to accomplish. Remind yourself of the evidence you have that contradicts to your inner critic

Let Go of Being Perfect

Thinking you have to be perfect at everything you do brings out your inner critic. Yet the truth is that making mistakes and learning forms part of mastering anything. Think about babies learning to walk. They stumble and sometimes fall, but they get back up and keep going till they reach mastery.

Be gentle with yourself, knowing that things will not always go the way that you envision they should, but that you may find other ways if you remain open to possibilities.

Rather than thinking that everything has to be a perfect or a certain way, be open, present, and engaged, and you’ll find your inner critic quiets down.

Trust Yourself

You have everything you need within you to accomplish what you want in spite of any beliefs you may hold to the contrary. Trust that what you need will come forward in any situation, and when your inner critic starts telling you otherwise, let it be.

The thing is, as you begin to let go of the inner critic’s voice without engaging, you’ll find it much easier to step into whatever you think you can’t do. When I stopped listening to my inner critic’s voice, social engagements and networking no longer triggered me, and what was once challenging, actually became fun. What a revelation!

So next time your inner critic decides to give you its opinion, let it go, knowing it’s not who you are. Trust that new thought and inspiration will show up, because it will. You’ll find that even though your inner critic may show up now and then, how you respond will shift. You’ll recognize that it’s only your thinking — and that just because you think it, doesn’t make it true.

And that alone will bring you peace of mind.

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