Do Obstacles Get in the Way of Moving Your Business Forward?

Do Obstacles Get in the Way of Moving Your Business Forward?

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” —Christian D. Larson

What if, no matter what, you efficiently moved through every obstacle that came your way?

Recognizing that obstacles come in different forms, and changing how you see them can make all the difference in moving your business forward.

Obstacles often seem to come from outside of us. They show up as something going differently than expected. Or they can show up as coming from within.

For example…

  1. You might need a permit that you don’t have to continue your expansion
  2. Your business partner has a different idea about how to do something
  3. You realize you need XYZ to continue the project you’re working on

Inner obstacles may show up as fear around doing something new, or fear of failure.

But here’s the thing, regardless of what obstacle you’re facing, how you relate to what’s happening makes the difference. So in truth, regardless, moving through it is always an inside/out job.

Here are ways to move through obstacles and see them as steps to getting to your destination.

Reevaluate your Objective

Be clear on your intended outcome, and exactly what’s in your way. Is the setback an inconvenience? Or an opportunity to evaluate what you’re doing?

If it’s just a bump in the road, get clear on what needs to happen to keep moving forward. If it feels like something that’s hard to overcome, take a look at what it would take to move through it and how you feel about it.

In either case, examine where you are without judgment, and you’ll find yourself moving beyond setbacks much faster.

Be Open to Change

Don’t be attached to things happening one particular way.

Be objective. Is there a different way to go about what you’re trying to accomplish? Is the roadblock truly a block, or is it an opportunity to pause and reassess?

Often obstacles show up because there’s a better way.

Sometimes it’s just a case of unexpected hoops to jump through that you didn’t foresee. Don’t sweat the stuff that you can easily handle, and all those little things will cease to be roadblocks.

Check in With Yourself

If you think about it, you can probably identify times when moving through problems was easy and times when it was hard.

If what you’re facing involves feeling fear in any form, stay present and move through it anyway. Moving through obstacles takes courage, and identifying your “inner obstacles” is a sure way to let go and move through.

Notice Your Thoughts

When everything seems to come to a halt, notice what you’re thinking. Is there a different way to see the obstacle you’re facing, or are you just upset that things aren’t going as planned?

How we have things wired and how we perceive things is just that—our perception. Often whatever’s is in our way is simply what it is: a delay, a new set of things to do, a different conversation to have, etc. It’s how we see it that matters.

Moving Through Obstacles

Obstacles never seem insurmountable once we’re on the other side of them. But to get to the other side takes seeing them for what they are.

How we relate to obstacles is the key to how we deal with them. They are less of a big deal when viewed as part of our journey, and not as something that is “happening to us.” They can show us a different path, or give us courage to move through something that’s challenging.

With the right mindset, obstacles come and go with greater ease and have the potential to shift into something greater than we imagined.

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