How to Rekindle Your Inspiration and Creativity

How to Rekindle Your Inspiration and Creativity

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!'” —Audrey Hepburn

We all have times when we’re inspired and creative in our work as businesswomen, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners. We know what it’s like to create something from nothing, and we know what it feels like when inspiration hits from seemingly nowhere. It comes from within, and when we’re inspired, creativity flows.

But, often times as we step into our vision and begin to build, manage, and run our businesses, the inspiration that got us there wanes. We get bogged down in the many moving pieces and the “doing” that’s required.

Yet, inspiration and creativity are always present within us, it’s just a matter of being receptive to them. In spite of this there are times we experience creativity, and times we don’t. In this post we’re sharing some ways to rekindle inspiration and creativity, so you can tap into them at any time.

Decide You Like All You Do

Now this may sound impossible, as we all have things we excel in and things we don’t. But odds are the part we’ve identified that we like is only a part of our work. One way to feel inspired and creative is to re-frame how we see things. After all, when we decide we don’t like something, it’s hard to feel inspired.

Everything contributes to the whole, so start by deciding to like all parts of your work. It doesn’t mean it isn’t work, or that you don’t have to put in the time, but when you can truly be okay with where you are, you free up energy for inspiration and creativity.

You’ll be surprised how often inspiration and creativity grace your world when you’re enjoying what’s in front of you in the moment, no matter what it is.

Take a Break and Do Something Wonderfully Different

Spark your creativity by taking a break. Do something that makes you feel happy and is different from your norm.

Listen to some beautiful music, see a play, go to a lecture of someone you admire, or watch a movie—whatever feels good. Let your mind be at rest for a while.

Engaging in something different and fun allows new thoughts to come in. It also gives your active mind a rest from your work. And while that’s happening, things will continue to percolate in the background, opening the channel for inspiration.

Get Out of Your Own Way

There are endless possibilities and ways to create something. When you get stuck or feel uninspired it’s helpful to remember that inspiration is within you and it’s only your thinking that is keeping you from accessing it. Think back to a time when you felt like creativity was impossible to connect to. Odds are your thinking was engaged with how you “couldn’t make it happen” rather than what you could actually do.

Recently, I was reworking a project and hit a wall. I knew there was a different way to create what was already there, but I couldn’t see it. Remembering that my thoughts were creating my present reality helped me quiet my mind. After that, the pieces that were so evasive began to fall into place.

Ask for Guidance

There are a couple of ways to ask for guidance.

One way is to seek out someone you know that gets what you’re doing so you can discuss it with them. My business partner is that person for me. She sees things with fresh eyes and inspires me to see things from a different place, which often jump-starts my creativity.

Another way is to ask within. When I sit down to write, I ask for guidance for inspiration and creativity. I ask that I may “be in service” through my writing. Always when I sit down and begin, something emerges. The key is beginning.

Inspiration is Always Available

Next time you’re feeling uninspired and waiting for your creativity to emerge, relax and remember that it’s there. It’s only a matter of letting it in.

The best part is that the more you tap into your inner inspiration and creativity, the more you’ll experience it. There’s a limitless supply for each of us.

We’d love to hear things you do to rekindle inspiration and creativity in your business. Please share in the comments.

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