How to Set Intention for Your Business Goals

How to Set Intention for Your Business Goals

”Our intention creates our reality.” —Wayne Dyer

Setting intention is one of the easiest ways to jump-start your business goals. In fact, it’s the first step. It helps you get clear and let’s the Universe know that you’re open to the potential of creating what you want.

Here’s my favorite example of how setting intention works.

My business partner, Crystal, owned software that was specific to private clubs, and I repped the software. In late September of 2015, Crystal decided to sell it, and together we set the intention for the sale. We both wrote down the date that we wanted to sell the software by. I chose January 1st, 2016, and Crystal chose December 31st, 2015—one day apart. In the end, we decided on the 31st.

Of course, we had no idea who would buy it, but we took a moment to envision it as “done,” and let it go. A couple of weeks later, I was talking to a client, and he started telling me about an HR company he was starting. So I told him about the software and—what do you know?—it turned out to be a perfect fit for his startup. Fast forward, the deal closed on December 24th, a week ahead of schedule.

That’s the power of setting intention.

In this post we’re sharing how you can set intention easily to move towards your business goals.

Be Clear On the Outcome You Want

Setting intention is about getting really clear on what it is you want to achieve, regardless of the details. It’s the foundation of what you want.

Sure it’s important to have a plan, but setting intention is about listening to your intuition, your heart, and your inner knowing, and being clear on the desired outcome. Leave worries and doubts out of the equation. From this place you can state what you want.

You can do this in an instant, or you can spend some time getting quiet and letting your inner wisdom come forward. There is no right or wrong way.

If your goal seems out of reach or too big, let that thinking go. See what you want to achieve as done, and create your intention from there.

Don’t Worry About How You’ll Get There

It’s easy to limit your intention if you begin worrying about how it will all happen. Here’s the thing—you don’t need to know the “hows” of it all. You just need to trust that whatever you need will appear.

Before you create a plan and begin taking the first steps, set your intention for what you want to happen. The key is to stay open to all possibilities.

When Crystal and I decided to sell her software, we had no idea how we would find someone interested in buying it. But just like that, he showed up.

Let Go of the Outcome

Let go of the attachment to the outcome of your intention. By doing so, you’re trusting that it will manifest.

The truth is it may come to fruition in a way that is even better than you even envision. So once you’ve set your intention, let go of the outcome.

There’s magic in allowing life to open up and direct you towards your goal.

Setting Your Intention

Setting Intention can be as simple as taking a moment to get clear on what you want and either stating it to yourself, or saying it out loud to your team so that they are all on board with what you want to create. You can also write it down and put it where you can see it everyday.

Be aware of competing intentions, as your goal is less likely to manifest if you have an another goal that gets in the way. For example, perhaps you intend to have a 15 minute meeting every morning with your team, but let’s say you also want to make all of your calls first thing in the morning. Odds are the team meeting won’t happen if you’re spending all morning on the phone instead. That’s why clarity is so crucial.

Setting intention is saying yes to inspiration that come forward. It’s trusting that what you want will manifest.

It’s that simple. Crystal and I often set intention before business meetings, workshops, and at the beginning of projects. This supports us in creating the results we want. It sets in motion the ideas, the planning, the connections—all that you need.

Make setting intention the first step in the process of creating your business goals and you’ll find that they manifest in unexpected ways with greater ease.

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